Welcome to Hiyoshi India

Hiyoshi has had a cordial relationship with India for more than 25 years through its various social contributions such as Talk Your Way to Japan – Speech Contest, Hiyoshi India Internship Program, Hiyoshi Awards. “Worldwide environmental problems are constantly changing. These problems have no borders and so it is important for all of us to come and work together irrespective of nationality, culture, race and collectively address the challenges that the entire world is facing so that we leave behind a cleaner environment for the next generations.”

Hiyoshi India Ecological Services Private Limited was established in the year 2011 as a result of Hiyoshi’s 25 years of environmental contributions in India. It is a 100% subsidiary company of Hiyoshi Corporation, Japan and we have further cemented this relationship. It is our hope and vision that Hiyoshi India be a platform for the younger generations living in India wherein using the knowhow and skills from Hiyoshi Corporation they are able to address the environmental challenges.

Service Quality is of extreme importance in a Japanese Company and we are serious about protecting the environment by delivering true and reliable results as we all have an obligation to protect the Mother Earth and to ensure a safe and clean environment for the future generations.