Operation & Maintenance Services

We provide daily plant operation and maintenance support for sewage (domestic wastewater) and industrial wastewater treatment with our know-how technique acquired from our extensive experience and experienced technical staffs. We provide services for achieving the regulated standards as well as work closely with the customer to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solution for their facilities. We can give best proposal for optimum facility maintenance (O & M) services to a diverse range of WTP, STP, ETP, RO, NANO, UF and DM of various industries, residential apartments, star hotels, academic institutions, IT parks, shopping malls, hospitals, and many others.

Providing systematic approach and plan to ensure the reliable and appropriate treatment and to keep the customer fully informed of progress and associated costs for effective treatment. An example of our treatment activities may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Operators supply for daily operations of the plant 24/7.
  • Manual/physical checking/observation of all the machineries and inform Customer to repair/replace as necessary.
  • Suggestions for efficient running and improvement of the plant to meet the prescribed standards by regulatory body.
  • Report to the client (Engineer-in-charge) immediately about any complaint or irregularities.
  • Maintaining of logbooks and related records as per customer requirement.
  • As part of the continual improvement, we provide operational training to our operators and technical engineers. The team is evaluated periodically based on        their performance and behavioral conduct in order to enhance their abilities. 
  • Consumables supply as per customer requirements.
  • Periodical water analysis and engineer visits to ensure the plant working condition.
  • Customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim that we consistently follow throughout and it is what defines our accomplishments.

Provide treatment plant start-up services with highly skilled staff, knowledgeable in the treatment methods and systems, the customer can be confident that their treatment plant will receive a comprehensive assessment, with interim reports provided at the end of the month or whenever required. Everyday treatment is closely monitored through the Engineers for the efficient treatment process.

Since Hiyoshi India is an independent company, and does not represent any brand of equipment, chemicals, spares, etc, the customer is guaranteed the best system to meet the requirements.

Our Strength

  • Striving to always enhance our “Service Quality.”
  • Japanese expertise support from experienced staff.
  • 24 hours facility management support.
  • Providing “One-Stop Service” to cater to all the customer requirements from preliminary study of the existing plant, consulting, designing, erection and                  commissioning to monthly operation and maintenance.
  • NABL accredited laboratory for reliable test results.
  • Specialized services such as study of microorganisms in aeration tank and JAR test for selection of suitable chemicals and effective dosage for wastewater        treatment.
  • Onsite instant test using Japanese pack test method and portable water quality analysis meters to identify the operational problems in the STP, etc.