Speech Contest

In the year 1995 as one of a special program for 20th anniversary of ABK AOTS foundation, ABK AOTS DOSOKAI Tamilnadu Centre Chennai, Hiyoshi Corporation, Japan and Hiyoshi India Ecological Services Private Limited, Chennai jointly organized a “Talk Your Way to Japan – Speech Contest” at our premises for School & College students in Tamilnadu. Since then, sponsored by Hiyoshi the speech contest are being held at ABK AOTS DOSOKAI Tamilnadu Centre, Chennai every year. The theme of the Speech Contest is ecology and current environmental issues. The purpose of this speech contest is to develop Japan-India cultural relationship and to raise questions about environmental destruction. The contest for School/College students will be held in Tamil, English and Japanese languages and the first prize winners gets a free ticket to fly to Japan for 2 weeks of environmental study and cultural exchange at Hiyoshi Corporation, Japan. In over 25 years, about 100 students have visited Hiyoshi Corporation and are now acting as new bridges between Japan and India relationship.

This Speech Contest program provides the students with opportunities for work experience with the aim of helping them realize the significance of environmental education and become more interested in cutting-edge science and technology.