Corporate Vision

Hiyoshi aims to be a “Social and technology-oriented Company” with its Corporate Motto “No Company can exist without social contributions and competence”.  Hiyoshi’s Business Management also has its origin in the Ohmi Merchants who developed the key business concepts that have underpinned the success of Japanese corporations for generations. These include a broad range of core concepts such as “Sampo Yoshi” which means “Good in Three directions

 Good for the Buyer  Good for the Seller and  Good for the Society,  to which Hiyoshi has added  Good for the Next Generation. 

Hiyoshi India affirms and abides by the principles laid by its parent company, that a Company can continue to exist only if it contributes to the society and such service to the society can be achieved only if the Company has the capability and technology.

Hiyoshi's Seven Principles


High Quality : To provide High Quality Service


Innovative : Innovative thinking for improvement in technology


Yearn : To always motivate the employees to yearn for the best and more


On time : Honour commitment to provide On time service to the customers


Satisfaction : Customer Satisfaction is our ultimate goal


Harmony : To be a responsible Corporate and thus promote harmony in nature


Improvement : Kaizen-Japanese word for improvement is our mantra