RO cum DM Plant Operational Training at Customer Site

Environmental Consultancy Services

We provide consulting services for achieving the regulated standards related to environment with our know-how technique acquired from many years of experience and highly skilled technical staff of Hiyoshi Corporation, Japan. Work closely with the customer to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solution for WTP, STP, ETP, RO, NANO, UF and DM. Our services as follows but not limited to.

Preliminary Study of Existing Facility Condition

  • Conduct detailed study of the existing plant condition
  • Identify the key problems and providing detailed study report
  • Based on the study report providing necessary improvement plan and recommendation

Water Quality Analysis to Understand the Existing Treatment Facility

  • Collect required volume of water samples for analysis
  • Select the test parameters as per TNPCB standards
  • Testing the collected water samples at NABL accredited laboratory as per standard test method (IS/APHA)
  • After completes the analysis the obtained results are compared with the TNPCB standard requirement
  • Based on the test result providing necessary recommendations to improve the water quality                                                                                                                     Note: The opinions and interpretations expressed in the test reports based on the results obtained from the tested items.