Turnkey Projects

With today’s ever-increasing restrictions on domestic and industrial wastewater discharges, it is critical that domestic and industrial facilities remain in compliance with all pre-treatment and direct discharge requirements.

We are providing the best proposal as per customer requirements for WTP, STP, ETP, RO, NANO, UF and DM design, material supply, erection, commissioning, operation & maintenance to various sectors such as industries, residential apartments, star hotels, academic institutions, IT parks, shopping mall, hospitals, and many others.

Revamping Services of Existing Facility

a. Water and air pipelines modification
b. All kind of machineries supply, installation and repair services
c. All kind of electrical supply, installation and repair works
d. Tank cleaning work
e. Filtration and resin media supply, change and open back wash, etc
f. Optimization of Biological process in STPs
g. Cleaning/replacing of filter membranes for Reverse osmosis, Nano filtration, Ultra filtration and Micron filtration
h. Treatment process changes as per site condition (Continuous process to SBR, etc)
i. Filter vessels cleaning (FRP & MS-FRP) 

New Treatment Plant Projects

a. Conducting feasibility study through site visit to collect the following information’s to understand the customer requirement

  • Source of raw water/wastewater
  •  Everyday quantity for treatment
  •  Space availability to establish the treatment facility
  • And other related information’s

b. Collecting the raw water for analysis
c. Calculate treatment plant capacity as per raw water quality and provide design including cost estimation
d. Material supply as per proposed requirement
e. Erection & Commissioning
f. Handed over the facility as per our commitment

Conducting lab scale/pilot scale studies to ascertain the treatability of the chosen technology

Material Supply and Installation

  • Pipes and fittings
  • Flow meters
  • Valves
  • Diffusers
  • Pumps
  • Air blowers & accessories, blower motors, blower acoustic enclosure
  • Electrical panel board, spares and fittings
  • Filter housing, vessels & media
  • Dosing system
  • Bar screen
  • MBBR media, MBR media
  • Oil Skimmer and accessories
  • Filter membranes for Reverse osmosis, Nano Filtration, Ultra filtration, Micron filtration
  • Resins for softener & deionization water treatment plants
  • UV System
  • Pressure gauge
  • Agitator & motors
  • Water Storage Tank
  • Chemical cleaning pumps